Tulips in Tea Towel with Moonlight Gin

Tulips in Tea Towel with Moonlight Gin

  • $130.00

This fab little duo will knock your socks off! 

A beaut bunch of mixed coloured tulips (choose from 3 sizes) wrapped in a Lala Land tea towel PLUS a bottle of West Coast Distilling Co Moonlight gin to really top it off!



Imagine setting up camp with your best pals, the crackle of the fire mixing with laughter and the anticipation of the night ahead. As the moon rises, reach for a bottle of Moonlight Gin and watch as its magical hues mirror the shimmering night sky.

So, pack your tent, round up your crew, and get ready to toast to unforgettable nights under the moonlight with West Coast Distilling Co. Moonlight Gin by your side.

*tea towel will be a random selection from our gorgeous range. 

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