Shake Strain Done: Craft Cocktails at Home

Shake Strain Done: Craft Cocktails at Home

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Product Description

Are you done with generic gin and tonics, mediocre Manhattans and basic martinis? You can use pantry staples and basic liquors to produce more than 200 game-changing craft cocktails worthy of a seat at the bar.



Many cocktail books call for hard-to-find ingredients and complicated techniques that can frustrate home cocktail makers. Shake Strain Done shows a better way:



* If you can shake, strain, stir and turn on a blender, you can make great cocktails.


* No tedious secondary recipes hidden between the lines.


* No mysteries. You'll know what each drink will taste like before you pick up a bottle.


* No fancy equipment needed. A shaker, strainer and spoon are as exotic as it gets.


* The ingredients are mostly pantry and bar staples--things you already have on hand.



Every drink is rated by its characteristics--Warm, Refreshing, Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Fruity, Herbal, Creamy, Spicy, Strong and Smoky--to help expand your horizons and find more drinks to love.



These are drinks with the sophistication of a high-end speakeasy, minus the fuss, like:



* The Sazerac 2.0 - a spice cabinet update that takes the classic back to its origins


* A new White Russian that lightens the load with coconut water instead of cream


* A grownup Singapore Sling that's fruity without tasting like fruit punch


* A Scorched Margarita that uses the broiler to char those lemons and limes


* A feisty new Gin and Tonic in which black pepper is the star ingredient


* And plenty of originals, like the Pooh Bear. Butter, honey and bourbon? Yes, please! And Mistakes Were Made, for tiki time

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