Native Blooms with WCDC Coffee Liqueur

Native Blooms with WCDC Coffee Liqueur

  • $110.00

This fab little duo will knock your socks off! 

A beaut bunch of designers choice mixed native blooms wrapped in hessian, PLUS a bottle of West Coast Distilling Co Coffee Liqueur to really top it off!



Hold on for the wild ride that is West Coast Distilling Co.’s Coffee Liqueur - a bold collaboration between WCDC’s distinct spirits and the brilliance of Eyre Roasted’s “West is Best” coffee blend.

It’s a taste sensation that will knock your socks off, pairing subtle hints of wattle seed, vanilla, and hazelnut with the smooth, soft berry, and sweet caramel notes of coffee. Best served over ice or as the base for an epic espresso martini. Brace yourself for the bold caffeine hit you never knew you needed!


*Flowers varieties may differ from those pictured. 

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