Breasts, Self-Care, Calendar & Body Image

  • $2.95

Breast care is critical, and doing breast self-exams each month remains vital in early detection concerning breast cancer prevention. Breasts is a mini-zine designed as a practical guide to inspiring consistent breast care with self-exams and ways to show your breasts love and care. Features of this reference guide include fun breast facts, tips for self-exams, symptoms to check for, and a calendar tracker with essential references for where to go for breast information and next steps.  How we think and feel about breast size has shown to impact the regularity of breast self-exams* This zine aims to support positive breast body image sharing 10 quick ways to love your breasts. While this zine is not a replacement for regular medical advice and checks, but a short reminder to keep up with self-care for this intricate organ— breasts.  Handmade in Australia 4.5 x 3.75 inches (folded) trifold design Published by thankubody Press

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